Rachel’s Everyday Kitchen

Simple, delicious family food

Rachel Allen, the much loved face of Irish family cooking, shares her clever ideas, simple short cuts and practical advice for achieving wholesome and nutritious meals day after day.

Rachel’s Everyday Kitchen ties in to 13-part prime time television series.

After years of cooking for her family, teaching at the world-renowned Ballymaloe Cookery
School and listening to the questions of home cooks, Rachel has pulled together an ultimate cookery manual for getting great food on the table throughout the week without stress, expensive bills or hours at the stove.

Rachel’s Everyday Kitchen compiles over 100 tried-and-tested new recipes, fully photographed to make a gorgeous addition to any home. This time, Rachel is focusing on everyday clever cooking: simple short cuts, advice on weekly planning and shopping, wasting less, freezing more, preparing ahead and using leftovers, recipes than can serve more and those that can be adjusted to a tasty meal for one or two.

Rachel will show you how to cook once but achieve two or three meals. A side dish of baked broccoli with garlic and pine nuts can be transformed into a spelt salad with feta. Extra mashed potato and smoked fish from a fish pie can become instant, warming Cullen Skink the next day. Her approach saves time and money, but also allows cooking to be satisfying and enjoyable rather than a chore.

From fast family suppers, packed lunches and prepared-ahead meals to stress-free roasts and biscuit-tin sweet and savoury baking - Rachel’s Everyday Kitchen is a must have, practical family cooking bible.

Praise for Rachel Allen

‘A natural TV chef: relaxed, articulate and knowledgeable’ THE SUNDAY TIMES

‘Food for real people’ IRISH EXAMINER

‘If you haven’t heard of Rachel Allen, you will soon. Ireland’s blond and beautiful equivalent of Nigella Lawson… is taking her place on the international culinary scene with her everyday food that focuses on simple suppers and divine puddings.’ DAILY MAIL YOU MAGAZINE

‘As wholesome and attractive as its charming author, Home Cooking is well thought out and accessibly written, with the emphasis on relaxed family meals. Ideal for anyone who needs to cook on a regular basis but hasn’t much experience.’ THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH

‘The book I've taken to most this season is by the Irish Nigella (except prettier, blonde and a better cook), Rachel Allen. Her ‘Bake’ is simply and engagingly written: one irresistible thing after another.’ EVENING STANDARD

‘Fancy a casual supper with your family or a big feast to mark a special occasion? TV cook Rachel Allen has a recipe to suit. She takes you from preparation to table with minimum fuss, plenty of tips and menu ideas for dinners, brunches and lunches, cocktails and desserts.’

‘With her finely-etched patrician features and delicious recipes, Rachel manages to do what the buxom Nigella Lawson never could. She makes us believe we can do what she does…’ IRISH POST

‘We’re big fans of Rachel Allen here at Delicious.’ DELICIOUS MAGAZINE

‘The verdict: You can always trust Rachel Allen to deliver recipes that taste as good as they look, and her latest book is no exception. This book tackles quick and easy family cooking with realism, inspiration and style.’ GOOD HOUSEKEEPING

‘These fast and fuss-free recipes by Rachel Allen are all you need this winter.’ ZEST MAGAZINE

“There are 180 simple, tempting recipes in this everyday supper bible. We have a soft spot for the Chocolate, toffee and peanut squares.” SAINSBURY’S MAGAZINE