Under the skin: homemade sausages

It's easy to make your own home-made sausages, without a mincer or a sausage-maker.
I am rarely as comforted by food as when I'm eating a plate of juicy sausages, covered in gravy with some creamy spuds. It isn't complicated, nor is it sophisticated, but it always brings me such warmth and pleasure. Any butcher should be able to make a good sausage, but making your own allows you to put just what you'd like in them, and more to the point, it's lots of fun!
Making your own sausages is a piece of cake really, especially if you've already minced the meat. Sausages don't need to be wrapped in casings, and are just as good without. The casings are only really useful if you're making lots of sausages that you'll be keeping for a little while. However, filling the casings requires a sausage stuffer, which is not a piece of kitchen equipment that most people will get much use out of!
I reckon there's a different sausage to suit each mood and almost every occasion. When you're making your own, you can decide whether they're chunky and rustic, or delicate and refined.
Pork is the superstar of the sausage world. The meat is, of course, juicy and sweet, so sausages made solely from pork meat can be just divine, with only a couple of herbs or spices for flavourings and sometimes none at all.
It's the pig fat, though, that is so important to sausages. It is just the right consistency when it is cool, then it melts upon cooking to ensure that the sausage is good and moist, rather than unappealing and dry.
When you're making sausages with just pork meat, it should be quite fatty mince - at least 15-20pc fat will ensure a delicious sausage. If you're using other meats, you will often need to add even fattier pork meat, and sometimes even pork fat itself. This is particularly true with an especially lean meat such as venison, which will need all the help it can get to make a properly juicy sausage.

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Shaneod Nov 10, 2014 News