Scrumptious Churros & Doughnuts

Taking a break from wholesome, nutritious food, indulge in the sublime pleasure of 
churros and doughnuts.

Doughnuts are pure, unadulterated pleasure. Deep fried and covered in sugar, this is not a diet, fat-free option. Yet, just every so often, there is nothing as good as the sweetly crisp crunch and warmly yielding centre of a fresh, home-made doughnut.

The first time I had churros con chocolate was in Barcelona as a 16-year-old exchange student. I remember one night we were allowed to go in to town to the disco - quite a thrilling moment 
for me back then!

I remember coming out of the club and, much like on Dublin's Leeson Street, where the whole road would teem with hot-dog stands in the wee hours, this street was packed with churros stands. 
I'd never tasted anything so divine in my life. Deep-fried fingers of sweet pastry dough, dipped in the thickest chocolate sauce.

When it comes to churros, the stroke of genius is in the shape. The long, ridged structure allows a maximum surface area to be crisped up in the hot oil, so each bite gives just the right amount of crunch, while still leaving the centre moist and soft. While they're still good cooled down, churros really demand to be eaten warm and fresh. If you're going to eat something so decadent, you want it at its very best.

This chocolate sauce, opposite, for the churros is not quite as thick as the traditional churros sauce, which is almost thick enough to stand your churro up in!

Instead, this is a very simple chocolate dipping sauce, which would be perfect drizzled over 
ice-cream. You could easily adapt with your own flavourings. Try adding a pinch of salt, chilli flakes or orange zest, or all three!

The party doughnuts, opposite, have a little more body to them than churros. They're yeast risen; essentially, a sweet bread dough that is fried. If you want to be adored by children (though scorned by parents) then make a batch for a birthday party. They're what celebrations are made for!

Scrumptious Churros & Paty Doughnuts Recipes:

Churros con Chocolate
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