Salmon is a wonderfully versatile, flavoursome fish

Salmon is a wonderfully versatile, flavoursome fish, whether it's poached with hollandaise sauce, pan-fried or served as a light, refreshing tartare.
With its delicate juicy flakes, salmon is a wonderfully impressive fish. Its proud pink flesh is packed with flavour and has been prized for centuries. I love how versatile salmon is; it's perfect pan-fried, poached, in sushi or as part of a fish pie.
Poached salmon with hollandaise is a classic for a reason, the rich flesh goes so well with lashings of buttery, lemony hollandaise. Pan-frying is great way of releasing salmon's flavourful oils. My second recipe uses cucumber and dill. Dill is a delicious herb that goes so well with salmon. The tartare would make a gorgeous starter, it's light and refreshing, but still quite substantial. It's only worth making if you have very fresh salmon.
Unfortunately, our appetite for salmon has been too great and stocks are depleted around the world. Drift-net fishing for salmon is now completely banned in Ireland and other methods are tightly controlled. Because of this, wild salmon can be difficult to get hold of, although it is possible to buy some river-caught salmon -- try your fishmonger or see
Farmed salmon is a much more economical alternative to wild salmon. However there are questions as to its sustainability, due to the large amounts of wild fish that must be fed to the farmed fish, as well as the levels of antibiotics and other harmful chemicals used. Organic farmed salmon is different, it uses less artificial chemicals and the fish are fed with organic feed that is more sustainably sourced. This makes organic farmed salmon a much more environmentally friendly option.

Salmon Recipes:

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