I dream of making really tasty ice cream

Fancy making ice cream, but you haven't got a machine? Here is how to make an assortment of tasty frozen treats without one.

An ice cream machine is a great bit of kit. Yet, even if they're affordable, it means another appliance to fit into your kitchen - the last place you want clutter. Thankfully, there is an easy way to make ice cream without a machine, ice cream that is perfectly smooth and soft - you just have to know a few tricks!

The purpose of an ice cream machine is to churn it while freezing at the same time. It's the churning (the non-stop rotation of the paddle) that breaks up the ice crystals and keeps them small. This makes the ice-cream or sorbet smooth rather than icy.

There are two ways to make good soft ice-cream without a machine and both involve eggs (as well as cream, of course!). An Italian meringue is made by adding a hot syrup to whisked egg whites; this will hold its structure and when folded in to cream, the light and fluffy result can be frozen for a fast ice cream treat.

The other way is by making a mousse using egg yolks, and folding the cream into the mousse. This result is a little thicker and richer, as in this Ballymaloe vanilla ice-cream, opposite. Here at Ballymaloe, while we make many custard based ice-creams that do require an ice-cream machine, one of the original recipes is this famous mousse-based ice cream. It's always popular, yet so simple and easy to make.

Once you have the technique of making any of these ice-creams, you can easily be creative with flavours. Melted chocolate added to a basic vanilla recipe works well. Try using 100g (3ƒoz) of melted dark chocolate folded into the mousse and omit the vanilla extract.

In the rhubarb ice cream recipe, opposite, you can replace the rhubarb with almost any fruit you'd like, such as cherries. Just cook the fruit with some sugar and taste the balance of sweetness and acid, adding more sugar or lemon juice as you see fit. 

Ice Cream Recipes

Rachel Recommends

Sometimes buying a big pot of ice-cream is a faster way to curing heartbreak (or just hunger) than making it yourself! When I do buy ice cream, I love to get Murphy's Ice Cream. It's hand-made in Dingle, using local cream, free-range eggs and organic sugar.

They even make their own salt from Dingle's salty sea water! Sean and Kieran Murphy have been making and selling Murphy's in Dingle since 2000. So they've had some time to perfect their recipes, leading to many awards, and a cookbook.

You can buy Murphy's in their own shops in Killarney, Co Kerry, and Wicklow St, D2, as well as throughout the country.


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