Healthy Fast Food

One-pot wonders, Being busy is no excuse for eating badly.
It seems as if we all have such busy lifestyles these days. Even though I love to cook, often I just don't have the time to make complicated food. I'd love to spend six hours cooking an elaborate meal, but it isn't realistic.
I think that's true for a lot of people -- it can be difficult to set aside time to cook. That said, I don't think it's always the case that the more time you take over a meal, the better it is. Truly great food can often be made in minutes and using only four or five ingredients.
It's not just time, though; I often want fuss-free food for other reasons. Some days, for instance, I might cook a one-pot dish that bubbles away in the oven as I get on with other things. The other advantage of one-pot cooking is that, with everything ready at the same time, I don't have to time to make various side dishes.
My new book is about times when you want to cook a great meal but don't want lots of complex steps in the preparation or in the actual cooking. That's why I have recipes that use only five ingredients or fewer.
A busy life doesn't have to mean a sugary snack or a takeaway. It's perfectly possible to create wholesome food without too much time or fuss.
This book shows you how to do just that - make food that is quick and simple yet always delicious.
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Shaneod Nov 15, 2011 News About Rachel Allen's Books