Easter Leftovers

My sister (being four years older than me), has always been the organised one. She used to call a 'conference' each year, a few days after Easter Sunday. We'd have a meeting in her bedroom to decide what we were going to bake with our leftover Easter eggs. We'd scheme about the different chocolate cakes or buns we were going to make, pooling our resources to find out what we could really achieve. I haven't changed much. I always try and find creative ways to use leftovers, whether they're from Easter eggs or from a succulent roast of sweet spring lamb.
This year, we'll be having lamb again for Easter Sunday. I just can't resist that first lamb of the season, so sweet and mild. Though they're small this time of year, I hope there'll still be some leftovers. This lamb broth, opposite, is a really divine recipe that seems the perfect way to use any excess meat. It's quite a simple dish to put together, but so nourishing and comforting. The parsley pesto recipe is fabulous and well worth making, but the broth would, of course, work with whatever pesto you have in your fridge, or even just some chopped parsley and a good drizzle of olive oil.
Using leftover chocolate is perhaps more useful to consider - I can rest assured that there'll be lots in our house! These two chocolate recipes, opposite, are very good for melting down any hodgepodge of different chocolates that you've collected from around the place.
Chocolate mendiants are almost effortless to make but, with the right toppings, they can be quite impressive and quite delicious. Essentially, they're just chocolate disks, but with a sprinkling of chilli flakes and salt, or even gold leaf and crystallised ginger, you can have a dramatic dinner party dessert - or after-school snack.
The chocolate biscuit cake recipe is a great post-Easter treat. You could use digestives, but I do think it's good with a more intriguing biscuit such as ginger nuts. Of course, this recipe is just a guideline, you could add in any nuts, dried fruit or even chocolate-bar pieces that you'd like to!
Rachel's tip
Parsley is an alternative to the basil used traditionally in pesto. You could also try adding a spoonful of marjoram leaves, or even replacing the parsley with rocket leaves, for rocket pesto

Rachel recommends

The last few years have seen a real resurgence in tea shops around the country. I love dropping into a tea shop for a piece of cake and a cup of tea. If you're thinking about opening your own tea shop, it's worth getting all the help and advice you can. The Ballymaloe Cookery School is running a course this month to teach you to do just that. They'll cover everything you'll need to know, from the business premises and costs, to staff and marketing, while teaching all sorts of different recipes for cakes, biscuits, scones, salads and much more.
'Start your own Cafe or Tea shop' runs from Monday, April 13, to Friday, April 17.

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